PSI Secure Browser required to take exam

The PSI Secure Browser is a web browser created to guarantee a secure exam delivery over a virtual connection. This online exam is taken using the PSI Secure Browser.

If you have already installed the PSI Secure Browser, you may proceed to Option 2.

Option 1: Install the PSI Secure Browser

  1. Download the Secure Browser

  2. Run the PSI Secure Browser Setup file

Option 2: Launch the Exam

  1. Launch your exam using link below

  2. You can relaunch the exam with the PSI Secure Browser desktop icon


If at any point during the check-in process or the exam the application becomes unresponsive:

  1. Contact your exam administrator for assistance
  2. To exit the PSI Secure Browser, close the application via File > Exit or the Task Manager
  3. Relaunch the exam via the PSI Secure Browser desktop icon